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Rural modernism

We came to night, “said James hennessy ford, Stephen sears and their clients for the first time in Manchester in westchester county, north of 45 minutes the mountains close to a reconstruction of the tavern in the late 19th century.” It was a cold march. “there was no power, and it was black,” sears confirmed. “But we all loved it, and our clients only bought it in the dark.”

By morning, the true beauty of the land will be revealed: nearly 50 acres, with panoramic views of the valley below. The house itself sits on top of a hill overlooking a lake.

“Our clients, we worked on a project in Manhattan, they worked very hard and loved the city,” Huniford said. “But she wants a dog.” Her husband insisted that she could not have a dog until they had a country house, so, he said, “we must have a country house.”

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Despite their beautiful appearance and reasonable layout, these houses have been dull for years. In the first nine months, attention has focused on structural changes. To expand the interior space, the designer transformed the attic into a third floor, and the basement into a recreational dining and entertainment area.

When it appears in the dark and sultry interior, the primary goal of Sills and Huniford is to increase light. They do this not by expanding Windows or opening walls, but by illuminating color palettes and fixing brown beams, doors and floors.

“The dining room is the darkest,” Mr. Sears said. “and what you have to do is design a room for two or two people.” Many of the original features, such as SLATE floors, were preserved and other elements were trimmed, but hand-printed wall treatment changed the room. Reminiscent of the Ottoman pattern, this pattern gives the room a sense of beauty. “It’s a difficult task, but it’s valuable,” Sills said.

They also designed the dining room table on top of limestone, which is divided into three separate tables. High back dining chair is Dutch style, the history of French droplight can trace back to the forties. “We actually have five dining areas because entertainment is our favorite thing to do,” she said. “Where we eat depends on the weather and the situation.”

The long sitting room is divided into two different areas. One is the comfortable modern layout beside the fireplace, and the other is the similar grouping at the other end of the space. Between them is a new company Dwellings oak center Sills and Huniford table. According to Sills, the walls are painted with painted plaster to make them look old – “a bit modern, a bit rural”. Wide floors and worn beams are illuminated and stained. The result is a huge cornucopia texture background – a side table made of two feet of the hourglass, once by enough Beaton has palm leaves, fiorentina flowerpot and 18th century Europe carved fruit and floral top.

From the staircase in the entrance hall to the mezzanine and then to the master bedroom, it looks like a long corridor. Dorma Windows and sloping roofs, coupled with fairly large and coarse-grained wood furniture, make the suite rustic. Furniture is a combination of several styles and periods: American beds and gilt templates from the early 19th century, a 1940s French zebra table and Italian baroque sofa. At one end of the room, a pair of leather sandals in the twentieth century chair provides a fireside chat with elegant environment, their symmetry with the two antique British filing cabinet near the fireplace.

“One of the reasons we love working with Stephen and ford is that they can combine things from different directions,” his wife said. “When other people do it, it looks very eclectic.” ”

The guest room is also on the second floor and needs light. “Our goal is to make it a warm, warm space,” said Huniford, who and Sills decided to paint the walls gold. Table – architects table – steel bed for fashion country villa is not uncommon, but ebony bedside table and Jean – Charles Moreux strong room tables and chairs with the object of the mid 20th century is an international delicate.

Stephen sears explained: “the delicate goods and not so subtle things together, and in subtle ways to sort out them, or combining history and modern, this practice has been Europe.” “It’s something ford and I love doing, but we do it the American way.”

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