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Fifth avenue breathing lessons

Few buildings in New York than 12 floors of the Italian Renaissance revival palace has a history of more noble, the palace by the metropolitan museum of art on fifth avenue of meters across the street Dwight mike him. When it was completed in 1912, New York’s aristocracy still doubted that architects would have to compete with the private homes of millionaires, if not with disdain for vertical living. But the great elegance of the exterior, the unparalleled view of the park, the solidity and grandeur of the rooms and the wealth of the facilities make them a new way of life.

Yet each generation has redefined modern luxury. A banker are paying attention, he said, “on my child, the friendship, cooking, art, baseball and charity”, bought a building in one of the best apartment – equivalent to etage nobleman’s 7000 – square – foot, French doors opened the stone railings and higher ceiling than any other floors. Former boss lady is old school, the adornment of her is a predictable stage, heavily on passementerie, a sultry restaurant, a well ventilated the entrance to the gallery, a she may or may not have been a small kitchen, a staff room behind it, and as Stephen sears said – “lewis, lewis is everywhere.”

The designer thinks the apartment is worth the change. “The bones are great, but the body is loose.”

Sills and his partner James Huniford know their customers through mutual friends, he eagerly accepted his challenge, let Huniford describe it, at the same time respect to its inherent nobility, make more “family friendly” at random and apartment. “Modern design is an idea, not a period,” says sears. “If you look at the past with a fresh but well-received education eye, it clarifies how you feel about the present. The poetic juxtaposition of color and texture with classical furniture may be more original than the shock and awe tactics of the stripping. A room of the soul. The essence of poetry, after all, is revelation. Ford and I aim to orchestrate a subtle composition that will unsettle traditional expectations. ”

Huniford said the designers thought the apartment was worth “a complete makeover.” “The bones are great, but the body is loose.” Their clients agreed to staff wing redevelopment for additional bedrooms and gyms. A service corridor was demolished to create a beautiful chef’s kitchen and dining area for leisure. Sills explained that the door was raised and widened, and a team of artisans restored the original plaster — “the beautiful Louis xv ceiling badge and the Regence crown.” They recast the missing pieces at the site and then gilt and gilt them. They also removed the shadow varnish from the oak parquet floor in Versailles and hand-patched it to breathe the grain. “The breathing room,” Mr. Hills said concisely, “is our subject.”

For nearly a century, however, the oxygen content of the entrance corridor was too high. It has no useful function other than to announce to guests that their hostess is wasting space. Partners will reshape the space into a gentleman scholar’s library, fixed at one end with lemon wood table, designed to be similar to the Greek temple, the other end with a circular neoclassical fixed table. “Books and reading are at the heart of my life,” the owner said. “most of my philanthropy goes to education.”

The delicacy of this masculine den sets the tone for the adjoining dining/family room, the elegant dukedom hunting lodge with an artistic style. Bugatti stands burnish the mahogany of the imperial French cabinet. Ruhlmann’s ArtDeco armchairs, made of silk, surround a table and extend to 12 people. Louis neville’s (Louise Nevelson) suspension elements of the sculpture on the sofa, for thousands of years, with the mantelpiece above the bull’s Roman bas-relief about 1 century: one is a tribute to human tools, another is the respect of the original muscle strength.

“If you look at the past in a fresh but well-received way, it clarifies your feelings about the present,” Sills said.

In this case, the antique chestnut paneling – salvaged from a barn – was an inspiration. “We found these beams in a collection of Midwestern restorers,” Sills explained. “He reattached them to our drawings.” The ion columns carved into the panels “are a nod to the famous wood you expect,” he added, “but we’ve bleached the wood and preserved the rust stains on wormholes and old nails. Our customers are enthusiastic. He followed the progress of the process we were involved in on the computer. ”

However, a digital image is like a literal translation: useful but flat. People can only appreciate the poetry of the living room by crossing the threshold. Sills and Huniford apply thin squares of paper towels to the walls and apply them directly to the wet paint (a light honeydew green), which crumples when dry and hangs in the wind

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