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Teaching of flailing: the gradual process of flailing.

The gradual process of kettle bell swing!

The rattle is a great movement

The swing of the kettle bell can increase your strength, increase your muscle endurance, and increase your body’s aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

The gluteus, hamstring, quadriceps, lower back, shoulders, arms, and core muscles can all be trained effectively when you perform the movement of kettleling.

Kettlewings bell swing is used for Hip hinged Hip flaps.
How to learn how to swing?

Do you have enough motion in your joints?

Use the standing body forward bend Toe Touch to assess whether your fingers can Touch your toes. If not, it means you haven’t been able to pull hard (at least not from the ground), so be sure you’re not ready to swing the kettle bell.

2. If you can’t touch your toes, we will first use some different forms of breathing to help you regain the proper position of your ribs and pelvis and solve some possible tension problems in your body. Most of the time, the limitation of not touching your toes is more a matter of learning than of fiber degeneration. But the important thing to remember is that if your approach doesn’t work (successfully), it may not be the situation you want to be in, and you need to change your approach or introduce other professionals.
3. Stand forward bend Toe Touch learning progressive mode. Practice toe pad height, heel pad height, and hip joint internal rotation and adduction. When you touch your toes from the bottom, breathe out.

4. Once the guests can master the movement of standing body forward flexion, we can start to practice the Hip hinged Hinge.

5. After Hip can grasp the Hinge movement, it can be gradually pulled hard from the ground.

6. After mastering the hard pull, you can start practicing the swing of the kettle bell.

When we talk about “mastery” movements, we usually mean two to three weeks. Any action is a step by step learning! Laying the groundwork will make you go faster!

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